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Creating Web Pages

Your personal/class web page is stored in a webshare folder.  Documents describing how to use this are given at the bottom of this page.  Please email if you have further questions about using the webshare.

All of your web pages will live in the webshare folder. In particular, your home page must be called index.html and will be found at either:

You may put other web pages in your webshare folder, and can even put other directories, graphics files, and .pdf documents in there. Every directory must have its own index.html file in it. If you want people to be able to locate your other files, you must have a link to that file from some index file.

The following is the basic outline for a page:


<TITLE>Your Name Here's Homepage</TITLE>
<BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

Under Construction!!

This page (
<A href="">
) is maintained by yourname (
<A href="">
). <BR>
The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those
of the page author.  The contents of the page have not been reviewed or
approved by the University of South Carolina.



To add an image to your page, you would simply insert the code:
<img src=""> If you wish to put a link to a .pdf file, simply include a reference line like you would to any other web page, but use a .pdf extension.

Some Helpful HTML Sites

PDF icon Accessing the Webshare (Windows, Mac, and Linux) & VPN (remote access)