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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Statistics

Paid Projects

The Statistical Laboratory, originally established in 1977 to provide statistical consulting services for the faculty and students of the University, has expanded its mission to include contract consulting with industrial, university, government and other private clients.

Through its ties with a research statistics department, a university statistical laboratory may be primarily associated with modern, sophisticated data analysis. However, the Stat Lab at USC has experience in all phases of a research project including:

  • experimental design
  • data collection
  • data entry and management
  • data description and presentation
  • data analysis
  • reports and presentations

We have also accumulated extensive experience with survey projects and can provide help in designing survey instruments, developing survey sampling plans and conducting surveys. Recent Stat Lab projects have included the following clients:

Turner Environmental Services. The Stat Lab developed statistical methods to aid in the spatial and temporal modeling of several analytes in a variety of environmental conditions. We developed spatiotemporal models for analytes in monitoring wells at waste storage and landfill sites and developed tests for trends over time.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The Stat Lab has been retained to provide consulting on miscellaneous freshwater fisheries projects, including growth curve modeling of largemouth bass in SC’s reservoirs, population estimation of anadromous species in the Santee-Cooper lakes, and sample size recommendations for surveys of stocked fish.

SC Department of Public Safety. The Stat Lab has designed and analyzed the annual survey of statewide seat-belt compliance for over ten years. Field surveys in 16 counties are organized and drivers and front-seat passengers are monitored for compliance. The Stat Lab uses stratified multistage sampling and computes Horvitz-Thompson-type estimators and standard errors of compliance rates.

Jones Ecological Research Center. The Stat Lab has worked with the Jones Ecological Research Center in Ichauway, GA to analyze fire behavior in longleaf pine savannas. Analysis has included standard spatial methods to characterize fuel "cells" and Bayesian spatiotemporal modelling to analyze fire temperature as a function of fuel characteristics and environmental conditions.

SC DOE. The Stat Lab has analyzed PACT (Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests) data for SC students to identify test items that distinguish between students with disabilities and the general student population. The DIF (Differential Item Functioning) analyses we conducted will be used to modify individual learning plans for students with disabilities.